Our Story

The original owners, Bob and Brenda, started B&B Kettle Korn over 10 years ago. Starting from scratch, Bob created the recipe with a team of IBM engineers. They worked endlessly to perfect the process, conducting blind taste tests with countless participants before settling on the final recipe.

From there, Bob and Brenda began their festival circuit, with the aspirations of bringing people the best tasting kettle and caramel korn to festival goers throughout New York. Over time, they developed a reputation among festival directors and attendees, which eventually led them to festival footprint reaching into the tens of thousands of people.

Eventually, they decided to sell the business when they were in their early 70’s. I was in the midst of being laid off of work, and on a leap of faith decided to buy the business with no guarantee of being accepted into the festivals they were already attending. Since then, we’ve not only kept the original circuit, but expanded into larger festivals, fundraising, special events, and now online.

From here, our goal is to spread our product to the masses via online sales. We hope you find Bob’s original recipe just as delicious as countless others have over the last 16 years!